The Intrigues of Eastport

People are angry at the wizards

After coming back from the wild chase, we resume eating breakfast. During the meal, there is a commotion. Outside there is Solinus Volryn who accuses Daddy Telmanier of killing his son and taking his daughter-in-law.

We are sent on a quest to find Ella Volryn and restore the Telmanier name. We proceed into the same secret cellar passageway as before, and then come out of the sewer at the bay. We go to the church to pick up Alan.

Now we head over to Stuff ‘em Steves taxidermy shop, and we make friends via charm person with the shop person. Turns out this is the front for an Emerald Dagger spy operation based on blackmailing changing families. All of a sudden Virgilio Gadren appears and joins the party. We send the shopkeeper on his way to a brother, and proceed to fight a large wolf with firey eyes.

Afterward, we go down the stairs to the basement, and Derek is promptly killed by a surprise crossbow bolt. A right with a rouge ensues! Afterwards the party debates on thier motives for continuing, and they decide they still want to keep going. Mr Chuckles mourns. Derek’s face is mutilated, courtesy of Lannik.

The room behind the rogue is apparently a torture chamber complete with torture tables and torture kits.

We enter the sewers.

Off to lunch

The group had a heart to heart with Sonya and she joined the partayyyy. More reporting of deaths to the city watch. Davin is named Fitch?? He didn’t even keep dags.

We went to the place alley where Alarbus’s body was found. There was a fishy hawk staring at us and Paddy shot at it as it flew away. We took the feathers. We also have a stone with mystery blood from the alley.

We walk back to the Telmanier house. On the way, Lannik feels a weird tugging at his mind. At the house, Derek’s mom scrys for the two things. We see the hawk in a dark underground room with a hooded figure. The other blood was Alarbus’s.

We go to the Volryn’s estate and ask to speak to Solinus Volryn. He was not there.

People retire for the night. Sonya’s house was burnt down by the Sea Snakes :(

There was an intruder in the night! They woke Sonya, but fooled her by pretending to be a house guard. Then Lannik caught them. They jumped out of the window. Derek’s Dad apparently stays up to 1 am studying.

Derek, Lannik, Sonya, and Paddy chase after the intruder who changes into the form of Ella Volryn. She runs into a group of guards who arrest Derek, Lannik, Sonya, and Paddy. Daddy Telmanier materializes and mass suggests the guards to go home and the doppelganger to change forms.

Meanwhile, Alan is marrying some city guards to their respective girlfriends.

What do you do with a drunken sailor
Seamen fight in tight leather pants

We return with the dragon and the treasure to the Uhur warship. The dragon burrows into the treasure but it’s still not a burrowing creature.

Whilst comfortably sleeping in the ship to the gentle rocking of the waves, we were rudely woken up by the shouts of Uhur men. Three pirate ships are approaching.

Lannik and Derek go to talk to the dragon. Blight alerts them to the existence of a “fish ship” in the pirates’ hands. Also we get a scroll with magic. The magic will only be moderately useful.

We prepare to go after the middle ship. Lutalo desperately needs his “top men”. The ships start shooting loads at each other using catapults. Many dice were rolled. Lutalo is wearing tight leather pants with really overdone buckles, steel studs on the pants down the seams. Really tight leather.

The boats made out. We did not initiate properly. It was very awkward. Derek touches Lutalo to give him the endurance of a bear.

The seamen fight.
Score: Blight 2.5, Lutalo 2

We head towards the sub. As we descend into the hull of the ship a pirate was sneaking up on us. Uhur bro killed him.

We encountered the galley slaves. We freed them. Hopefully they will survive the sinking boat.

Rats! We ran into a swarm and Uhur bro stopped them from chewing on us. We got into the sub. It is not yellow. A one-eyed pirate and some other pirates are in the sub with us. We killed him and got cranking.

We managed to submarine back to Eastport. On arrival, Kanika and Bahari Uhur tell us that Alarbus Volyrn has been mysteriously killed. To be continued…

Splashy splash splash

Derek had a nice heart to heart with Daddy Telmanier. Things start to look up when he got a letter from Lutalo Uhur (unfortunately, he signed it with a “sincerely”).

Lutalo presents a mission to raid some pirates while the big bosses are out to cause a pirate war and get $$$. He introduces two adventurers: Lannik and Alan Caron (you can call him Al).

On their way to the pirate hideout Lutalo’s boat was turned over by a water elemental. Then all the boats were turned over. Fun fact: The water elemental does not speak celestial or common. Izas wearing armor cannot swim. It also turned into a vortex. There are skill checks everywhere. Derek got stuck in the vortex and is at 0 hp. The Uhur men actually learned how to swim and slay the water elemental.

We arrive at shore. There are three tunnels. The party goes into the left one. Lutalo goes to the middle one.

Iza falls down a pit and encounters a shark. Physics almost happened, but it totally didn’t happen. Iza was pulled out of the pit.

We found out that it was a trap after all. Paddy attempted to disable the trap part of the remaining floor, but then he fails and the floor falls in. We manage to jump over the hole using rope. Moving onwards, we encounter a pool. Paddy spots a croc in the pool. The croc advances. Everybody shoots at the croc. Most people miss and Iza was mauled to death by the crocodile.

RIP Iza.

We press onwards and encounter a room of treasure, which is full of water with 3 islands of treasure. A tiny dragon emerges and spits acid at us. Lannik and Derek start talking in gibberish at the dragon. Derek successfully negotiates a deal to move the dragon’s treasure.

The gang finds their mummy

Conversed with a really nice Lantern Archon.

We found a lot of treasure. Mr. Chuckles encountered a spider. Defeated the spider in 3D combat and got cool things.

Found a statue of a dude who sucks at dancing with a lady (1776) and a pile of treasure. Encountered a mummy in the dancing statue room. Iza and Paddy lie dying on the floor. Laut heroically traverses through the cluttered treasure pile and revives Iza and Paddy. However, Daven was attacked by the mummy and he is bleeding on the ground.

During the encounter with the mummy, Derek rushes to the connected hallway and discovers a coffin. Unfortunately, a lightning strike emanating from the coffin knocks him down.

Meanwhile, Laut is attacked by the mummy and is dying on the ground.

Daven dies.

Paddy runs and draws away the mummy. Iza valiantly ties Laut to her back, runs into the hallway, and climbs the spider web. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, Laut dies.

Derek drinks a mysterious potion and turns invisible. He peers into the coffin and grabs the detached skull located in the coffin.

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