A Gnomish Warlock from across the ocean.


AC 16 (Touch 13; Flat Footed 14)
Init +2

Fort +2
Will +3 (+5 vs Illusions)
Reflex +3

DR: 1/Cold Iron

Low light vision

DM Skills

Knowledge (The Planes) +7
Listen +2
Search +1
Sense Motive +2
Spellcraft +2
Spot 0
Use Magic Device +8


Grew up in the cold wastes of the Fantasy Antarctica Analog.

Turned to Warlock magic because he lacked the Talent for Sorcery and the resources for Wizardry.

Lost everything when pirates attacked. Later lost everything while attacking pirates.

Likes dragons, Kratz, and blasting things.

Dislikes Black Irish drunks, Gnomish submarines, and pirates.


The Intrigues of Eastport lviornery