Derek Telmanier

Wizard of noble house Telmanier


Str: -1
Dex: +2
Con: -1
Int: +4
Wis: 0
Cha: +3


Fort: 0
Ref: 3
Will: 3

Fighty Things

AC: 12


Listen: 0 (2 when with Mr Chuckles)
Sense Motive: 2
Spot: 0 (2 when with Mr Chuckles)
Swim: -1


Derek is the second son of the Telmanier family. He is a closeted homosexual with no current (reciprocated) romantic interest, though he regularly visits brothels and appears to be interested in Lutalo Uhur. He is a wizard devoted to study, and is not particularly interested in aristocratic politics, but he does participate to an extent. He is the most awkward charismatic person, being at +3 cha but played by Sarah. Mr Chuckles is his bat. He now has cool lightning scars because he got hit by lightning. His signature move is to deal 2 damage, however unhelpful that may be. He has met his unfortunate demise to a one-shot crossbow bolt. RIP.

Derek Telmanier

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