The Intrigues of Eastport

People are angry at the wizards

After coming back from the wild chase, we resume eating breakfast. During the meal, there is a commotion. Outside there is Solinus Volryn who accuses Daddy Telmanier of killing his son and taking his daughter-in-law.

We are sent on a quest to find Ella Volryn and restore the Telmanier name. We proceed into the same secret cellar passageway as before, and then come out of the sewer at the bay. We go to the church to pick up Alan.

Now we head over to Stuff ‘em Steves taxidermy shop, and we make friends via charm person with the shop person. Turns out this is the front for an Emerald Dagger spy operation based on blackmailing changing families. All of a sudden Virgilio Gadren appears and joins the party. We send the shopkeeper on his way to a brother, and proceed to fight a large wolf with firey eyes.

Afterward, we go down the stairs to the basement, and Derek is promptly killed by a surprise crossbow bolt. A right with a rouge ensues! Afterwards the party debates on thier motives for continuing, and they decide they still want to keep going. Mr Chuckles mourns. Derek’s face is mutilated, courtesy of Lannik.

The room behind the rogue is apparently a torture chamber complete with torture tables and torture kits.

We enter the sewers.



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